Global Ambu Bag Survey


We are trying to make a Field Ventilator system for the World that utilises the existing global stock of Ambu bags. 

We believe that there are several manufacturers, perhaps as many as twenty globally and would appreciate if you could reach out to suppliers and the medical community to complete the on-line survey form and return it to

We also would appreciate Ambu bag manufacture leaflets, flyers, drawings by email too. Further samples would be most appreciated. An address can be provided via the info email. 

Ambu Bag Survey Sheet Issue 1 (pdf)


Field Ventilator Project – Field Power

The Field Ventilator Project, ventilator design is optimised for 12V dc to enable it to be used in remote areas devoid of mains power and/or on a 12v backup battery in the event of power failure.  It is assumed that in a crisis, that each ventilator will be operated 24/7. At present we are assuming an average current of 2A @ 12V dc. This equates to 2A/hr. We do however intend to look at ways to reduce this current burden significantly.

Assuming a car battery of 100A hr, this could provide operation at 50% availability (battery condition and temperature) of approximately one day  without charge. It is assumed that most locations will have solar and/or a wind turbine generator. However, as these sources of energy cannot be guaranteed a standby will be required. Our leading suggestion is a bicycle driven generator. Reports indicate that a human can easily  generate typically 100W for the average operator and up to 400W for somebody at peak fitness. 

The lower power level is just over double the metabolic energy consumption of the average adult and therefore should be sustainable for long periods, and considerably more sustainable that hand manipulating an Ambu bag ventilator. Assuming at best 70% efficiency of generation and re-charge this should be adequate to operate one or two ventilators in conjunction with a single or shared battery.  Psychologically the ability to generate electricity via the cycle generator could also have beneficial effects to families that may feel frustrated and rejected by being asked to isolate, rather than help their family members. In many countries it is almost a tradition to take it in turn to ventilate a sick relative, however with Covid-19 this simply will lead to the spread of the disease.

Please email responses to

Field Ventilator Project - 12V Generator Design (pdf)